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welcome to our website We provide songs lyrics for and restricted to educational & personal use only. All song’s Lyrics content, album name, artist images, movie graphics, movie title, and other related properties are the copyright content of the respective owners and any content which is added is just for information purpose. The complete right is been reserved by us and we may change our policy, TOU and disclaimer and when required. If you are using our website constantly, we will assume that you accept changes.

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Our website provides its users to access music lyrics and music information, movie information, music albums, music videos, artists’ biographies, news, images and audio and video footage. All of this service are provided for user’s personal use only and are not to be used by you for any commercial purpose. All album names, lyrics, artist names, pictures and images may by copyrighted to their related owners. There has been no infringement of any rules. By accessing this site you follow these instructions. We can anytime edit the website, develop and maintain the website as and when required by changing the template or logo. If you have any query regarding this you can mail us at

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This song lyrics website is used by any legal person and if you don’t follow this criteria we strongly recommend you to take advice or permission to your guardians or parents and then you access or use this website under the Terms Of Use. The website collects some information which is non-personal in nature which comes from our visitors who regularly comment on this website through social networking website (like Twitter, Facebook). Viewing patterns of the visitors (Collected via Google Analytics) through browser type or domain name of the visitors IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Limitation Of Liability

You evidently understand and agree that (the website) will not be liable or responsible for any incidental, special, direct, indirect, exemplary damage or consequential, inclusive of, but not limited to, goodwill, damage for loss of profit, use, data or other abstract losses, resulting from: the access or the unable to use website, the content or services; the cost of realization of substitute goods and resulting services from any goods, services or information, data obtained or purchased or messages received or transaction entered from the website or into the through, the content or the services;

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We may ask for personal information like your name, email, mail address, zip code, country etc. The only purpose behind collecting this information is to improve your experience at our website. It helps us in tailoring the content according to your choice. guarantees you that we will never sell or rent your personal information that you share with us directly or indirectly. We will not indulge in any such activities which violate your right to privacy.

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Our server may obtain several non-personal information like which operating system you have used, the internet browser used by you, your date and time of access of the site, the pages of our site visited by you and a good deal of additional information related to your visit. We use this information to improve the quality and services of our site. We may make use of this information for advertising and marketing purposes. Your identity would not be revealed in any way with this information.

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We may collect your IP address, which gives information about your broad demographic location and is used to keep a track of your visiting patterns on our websites.

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